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Monday, July 20, 2009

Aion: Closed Beta #4

NCSoft held their 4th closed beta event this weekend. It happened to be my first in game experience, and wow I have a lot to talk about! But I need a little bit of time to compose my thoughts, so for now I hope you all will enjoy some of the screenshots I took.

A lot of beta testers have made recommendations on tweaks to the North American market, myself included. Will they be heard? I'm sure. Will they be implemented? Probably nothing drastic, but here is a quote from Lani Blazier from,

Because the game was designed for a global audience, we haven't had to change much at all. Our biggest effort and the most obvious changes will be in the localization/culturalization of the game. We have a talented team of published fantasy writers who have spent an incredible amount of time reworking the lore and NPC dialogue so that the content is culturally relevant to the Western market. Gameplay and all core mechanics will remain the same.

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I will be following up with my thoughts, some game features that I'd like to talk about, and more stuff!
But it's late, and the daily grind is sucking me into it's vortex, so I should prepare myself for that..