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Monday, July 27, 2009

A small update before CB5

Good morning gamers,

It's been a while since I last posted, I know. I've been running around trying to get things sorted out in anticipation for this weekends CB#5! For these 48 hour crunches, it's good to have your flat stocked with all of the necessities. Healthier foods, plenty of accessible drinks, toilet paper... Do you guys do anything special to prepare for a weekend of red-eye power gaming? For Closed Beta #4, I think the only things I really remember stocking up on was cereal/milk, bottled water, and Twizzlers (0 calories, hell yeah!) This weekend i've got bowls of fruit, waffles (!!!!), and orange juice and Fresca.

But I'm sure you're probably more interested in the upcoming English voice over work that NCWest has been working on. In case you haven't already heard the samples, check my twitter or check the links here:

The level cap has been raised to 30 this weekend, so I'll be very busy grinding my way to the Abyss.
I don't think I am going to do anymore work on professions in the beta. While someone needs to make sure there aren't spelling errors and whatnot there, 48 hours to get 13 levels doesn't leave a lot of room for proper bug reporting.

Above is a video that Gheist found at work today. Kudos to the wow player bringing a little Aion into their game! Truth be told, my resolve to wait for the NA release was about as strong as wet tissue paper, so this week I jumped on the Chinese release. While I will still be playing beta, I am trying to familiarize myself with the profession grind.

Alas, this is a short entry this week.

Before I leave you to your own devices, I wanted to comment on this article that was written a little while ago. There's 9 pages worth of commentary on the subject, which says a lot about the author in my opinion!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw your post on the beta forums about the RP servers. Thought I'd check your blog out.

Yeah, I was feeling pretty frantic about the 31st to. But I got all my grocery shopping done and later tonight I'm going to install a new component to my computer. A wireless adapter card. It's been dropping packets. Gah!.

And I'm write there with you about the grinding. I think it's going to be a mad dash to get to 30 before the beta is over. Oh well, it's not like you can't skimp on sleep for a few days... thank god they set it on a weekend.

I read the article you mentioned earlier. I really liked it. I think it definitely is a great introduction to Aion.

Anyways, I like the blog. I'll be sure to check it for updates. Though during the beta I have a feeling neither of us is going to be doing much writing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and btw, somethings up with your feed. I can't subscribe to your RSS. It gives an error.

Skai said...

Heya Nitheblog, and thanks for the comments. I'm still quite a newfeather when it comes to er.. blogging! So I will research what's funky with the feed and post an update when I have one.

You're right - I'm not going to be much of a talker this weekend.. too busy!!!