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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I began writing this entry a couple of weeks ago...

So, I've been a bit offline lately in preparation for Aion. I hate to leave my mates hanging on vent, cn aion, irc, gmail, and this blog, but I'm seriously paranoid about game burnout. I'm even paranoid of burning out in open beta. I think it's the single starting zone that scares me the most. I think I could fly through the first 15/20 levels of aion in my sleep by now (Asmodian side) ...

Skip ahead to last weekend: Open Beta Begins...

I've had a wonderful, relaxing couple of weeks- snuggled down into a chair with a 17 book series in my lap.
Night before OBT begins, I double check that my downloads are complete. They are, and I try to login - you know, the test drive. I get to the black NCSoft logo screen, and can't get past it. 2 attempts in 20 will allow me to login. I'm getting dump logs like they are going out of style. This happened to my in Chinese Aion. It has to be something with the patch, right? I mean closed beta was just fine...

16 hours after beta launch, one brand new hard drive and freshly loaded windows xp sp3 later, I am installing the game for the third time in an many hours. I log in at 1:30am, and can't keep going past 3am. My legion mates are already level 15 and level 16.

Fast forward to present day: Approx 10:00am

So 72 hours later and Gheist and I are both level 19 assassins... again. I actually began and level up a cleric to 12, but decided to switch. We already have three level 30 players in the guild, and a couple more on the brink of it. You know, generally I've always played a game to enjoy the ride. But I never really got to experience the PVP I had hoped to in closed beta testing. And I'd love to pvp with my friends who're already up there and holding our guild as the rank #2 guild on our server. Who knows, maybe this speed solo leveling thing builds character. Will I try to be as fast in release? I'm not sure. It's not like we're losing our characters every week in Release ;)

Same day, 2:47pm

Oh god, I'm at work and trying to log into Aion... there has to be an IV fix that can hold off for a few more hours.

Hehe, okay. Not exactly. But I've been trying to not soak my socks with Aion information, and thus my blog has been a little quiet. Not to mention, I still haven't figured out why my blog isn't updating in some of your rolls. I troubleshoot for a living, so when I have to do it 'at home', I tend to be a little resentful. I mean, come on... it's my free time!

Gheist and I switched servers for Open Beta. Goodbye Nezekan, Hello Israphel! An [enemy!] Elyos legion also left the old server and rolled Asmodian with us on Israphel. We're now appropriately named Tasogare Moxy. But the sixty-four thousand dollar question is: how's open beta so far?

The old mates from Nezekan aren't really making a show of force or representing much, and apparantly Tasogare is having the same problems. But I'm too laid back to get bent out of shape or disappointed. I've been doing my own thing! The speed leveling is... neat. But I don't think I will be in a rush to be first in the abyss. We'll see.

Anyway, I am at work, so i'll cut this short and sweet.


Anonymous said...

Log in at work? I'm jealous. Game sites are blocked by the computer security folks here. Keep up the good work on your blog.


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