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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Head Start T-Minus 24:00:00...

I have to admit, I'm pretty disappointed with the Preselection event.

I can't tell if I'm more disappointed in the playerbase, or NCSoft. I am not even sure how to expand on this topic. But I've seen what kind of company AS is keeping on their forums, so I really wouldn't put it past a portion of the playerbase to try to lock people out of their choice server/factions, just to grandstand or feel empowered by it.

I know that there are many intelligent, good people out there who are going to play Aion. But I never really understood the pissing contests on the forums. Or maybe I just don't have the patience or capacity to deal with people who want to be ugly just to get a rise. And I'm not necessarily talking about trolls.

Now we all know what trolling a forum is, right? A friend of mine explained to me why it's so entertaining for some people, and that's what it is - it's more to be entertaining first, then insulting, because insults always give the 'best' reaction/defense. To a 'troll', the way they win their little game is determined by how much time and effort other people waste responding/defending a statement that took 10 seconds to post. When looking at it from her point of view, I did find it pretty funny. I doesn't matter to the troll that you wrote some powerful comeback, or some intellectual ownage. It matters to them that your will was so 'weak' to fall for their bait.

I wasn't born yesterday, but I am learning new things every day. Sometimes about stuff I already knew. It may not help me become rich quick, but if you've ever stepped back and wondered why people troll, then maybe this brings a new perspective to you as well. I'm sure all trolls have their motives, their reasons.


Paul said...

That is why I avoid forums for the most part. Same with in game chat. Go out and ask a simple question and some nut replies "your mother"... Hopefully I can find a mature Elyos guild on Lumel.

Aion Guides said...

Forums combine anonymity and a large social gathering. Trolls are a result of this unholy union. Ignore and move on, theres nothing else you can do. You cant ban forums just coz some d**kheads decide to come spoil the fun.

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